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Workshop on Behavioral Economics and Industrial Organization










September 1-2, 2014

Budapest, Hungary

The MTA-BCE “Lendület” Strategic Interactions Research Group is pleased to invite submissions to the upcoming Workshop on Behavioral Economics and Industrial Organization, to be held September 1-2, 2014 at Corvinus University of Budapest. 

Behavioral economics (BE), broadly defined, aims to describe human agents as they are.  By considering deviations from the traditional neoclassical presumptions of complete information, dynamic consistency, and narrow self-interest, behavioral-economic models often attempt to capture phenomena previously considered outside the purview of economists.  The implications of this increased realism for economic behavior and social welfare can be profound.

Industrial organization (IO), broadly defined, examines situations in which the strategic behavior of firms can alter the competitive landscape. IO has, in theory and practice, traditionally relied primarily on strict interpretations of the neoclassical model, with profit-maximizing firms and rational consumers. A growing body of IO research, however, has begun to consider systematic deviations from optimality on the part of consumers or managers, drawing on either BE or various forms of imperfect information. The aim of this workshop is to bring together top scholars in the fields of behavioral economics  and industrial organization, in the hopes of stimulating new synergies between these fields. 

Researchers and advanced PhD students are invited to submit papers to be considered for presentation at the workshop. Theoretical and applied contributions from all areas of behavioral economics and industrial organization are welcome, including:

  • IO models in which the consumers’ or the firms’ side is described by behavioral economics or imperfect information
  • Behavioral theories of consumer choice and competition
  • Implications of BE/IO for public policy
  • Applications to specific industries or markets
  • Experimental or other empirical work motivated by any of the topics above

The keynote speakers of the workshop are

  • Prof. Botond Kőszegi, Central European University
  • Prof. Gary Charness, University of California-Santa Barbara

Papers should be submitted electronically to <becon-indorg@uni-corvinus.hu> by June 15, 2014. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by June 30, 2014.

The two-day workshop will be held at Corvinus University, which is located close to the city center. We will start not too early on Monday, and finish on Tuesday afternoon. Further information on the venue and other conference-related information will be made available in due course. There will be a conference fee of € 75 and a reduced fee of € 50 for PhD students, covering snacks and drinks at the venue. We will also organize an optional dinner in a historical city restaurant on the first day of the workshop.

Program committee:

  • Prof. Trenton G. Smith, University of Otago <trent.smith@otago.ac.nz>
  • Prof. Attila Tasnádi, Corvinus University of Budapest <attila.tasnadi@uni-corvinus.hu>


The workshop is sponsored by the Momentum Program of the Hungarian Acadamy of Sciences (LP2012-52/2013), by the Corvinus University of Budapest.

View from the main building at night

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